Stressing About Commercialism (The Antidote)

It’s the 50th Anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas. So, now you know we’ve been worrying about the commercialism of Christmas for at least half a century.
Except, we know in American history there have always been issues with celebrating Christmas and the less than faith-based aspects of this. The solution is easy.
Don’t worry about it.
If you want to have a faithful Christmas, make sure your spend some of the time hanging around with faithful people, in particular those you share life with in extended family. Like what happens in the local church community.
Now I have enjoyed big Christmas concerts with huge amazing choirs, Christmas live nativity plays with dozens of actors, even hundred. The Glory of Christmas at Crystal Cathedral and all.
But my faith is strengthened much more by the fact I watched children I have known since birth sing Hark the Herald Angels sing and Feliz Navidad to sound tracks.
It is way more faith-building for me to see people I know and love deeply grow in their confidence and joy at proclaiming Jesus.
There is nowhere better, actually, where you can really experience what Jesus had in mind for us all along, then connecting with an extended family on mission together.
Coming together to celebrate what God is doing, and moving out together to bless our neighbors and share the joy of Christmas wherever we are.
So, I didn’t see that amazing production of The Nutcracker, though I may next year. I didn’t hear the 100 voice choir with live orchestra, but I’m sure I will again. Instead I am experiencing my best Christmas ever with the best antidote to the commercialism of Christmas you can ever experience-
Go to church…
Be the church…

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