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Your Partnership is Launching a Movement

Life Model Works is all about promoting the relational nature of the gospel of Jesus Christ – our Immanuel. We are seeking earnestly to inspire and spread a contagious hesed love/joy movement within the Church and into many cultures around the world. It’s been quite a year! Because of your generous support, look at what we have been able to accomplish together, as a community and co-laborers!


Put Jim Wilder in his Sweet Spot

• Completed The Pandora Problem book, which provides help on dealing with narcissists and, against the conventional wisdom, gives hope for narcissists.

• Co-wrote The Solution of Choice on the four good ideas that have neutralized western Christianity and the transforming alternative.

• Along with Kitty, is updating Living with Men to be launched as 3 separate books in 2018.


Propelled the Life Model Forward

Jim helped Dr. Chris Lynch write a pamphlet on joy exercises to present to 70 Roman Catholic Bishops.

Jim presented to the staff and students from an association of 64 Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia. They expressed great interest in introducing Life Model into their curriculums and we are making plans to provide some easy-access tools for them.

Jim introduced the Life Model to the Jesus Tribe together with Kitty and Michael and Terri Sullivant.


Helped Build Stronger Families

• Kitty taught a Korean church in Kona Immanuel Journaling for families and the youth group.

• Kitty taught the Life Model to YWAM for two weeks in Colorado Springs and co-lead a book study on narcissism followed by 15 weeks of group exercises in Boulder.

• Kitty lead and taught Immanuel Journaling monthly in their home and other locations around Denver.



Increased our Reach

• We hosted events in 10 cities attended by hundreds, many learning about the Life Model for the first time.

• We launched 3 new books at Transform and launched a new website and a new shopping cart this summer.

• Jim Martini presented Rare Leadership to several meetings of The Navigators. He also taught about maturity to 400 at the National Catholic Singles Conference.

• We initiated the “Wilder Chats” on Facebook and YouTube, which have spread rapidly and will generate more interest in the wisdom and practices of the Life Model.


Can Make the Life Model More Contagious

• Transform! Initiative is a proposal to create a Life Model pilot project with a handful of churches, a seminary and a pastor’s circle that will help us track authentic transformation, prove our concepts, publish the results and then offer effective transformational practices to many other groups across the world.

• Life Model XP is a 12-week, user-friendly, small group, experiential learning course that many groups will be able to utilize in the coming months and years.

• Jim Wilder will be writing the book with Dallas Willard content to be published by NavPress and launched at Transform 2020.

 • A follow-up to Rare Leadership to be published by Moody.



We Couldn’t Have Done This Without Your Prayers & Financial Support

Your continued monthly giving helps us keep walking through the doors of opportunity that the Lord opens. As you pray, some of you may be led to increase your monthly gift to Life Model Works this year.

• A $10 monthly gift helps us to keep Dr. Wilder in his sweet spot.

• A $50 monthly gift covers travel expenses to meet with Strategic Partners, necessary to develop and strengthen the relationships.

• A $75 gift helps us to reach churches with Life Model XP.

• A $200 gift helps us to invite a pastor/leader to attend TRANSFORM 2019.

• A $500 gift helps us to launch the Transform! Initiative.

Thank You for Donating Today!

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