Our Capacity for Joy Increases with Age

Let me get this out of the way immediately. This blog post is for those who are older.
But if you are younger…it’s a clarion call to a future filled with joy.
OK, let’s start with an important fact…
We are all going to die.
This is going to be joyful?
That’s right, no matter what else we ever wonder about the mysteries of the universe-
  1. Light being both particle and wave
  2. The last 232 seconds of regulation for the Green Bay Packers/ Seattle Seahawks 2015 NFC Championship
  3. Four Academy Awards for “Birdman”–
-there is one thing we know that will always be sure…
We are all going to die.
That’s right…you are going to die…So, am I…
We are all going to die.
(OK, Christian readers edit- “We are all going to die- unless Jesus comes back again in the meantime.”)
Everything else is just a matter of how and when.
So, what do we do with this fact?
We embrace it. Ready? Repeat after me…
“I am going to die.”
“You are going to die.”
“We are all going to die.”
Wow, what an awesome Bible Camp song…
“I’m gonna’ die,”
“You gonna’ die.”
“All God’s children gonna’, diiiiieee…”
OK, feel better? No? Well, consider this.
To know we have an expiration date can cause us to consciously or subconsciously get serious about things that are really important. And there is nothing more important than living joyfully, as long as we know we have a choice. Each day is a gift from God to start joy.
The alternative may be that we will just die earlier.
So, drumroll please…
Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the greatest, most energizing, most healing, and most positive health supplement ever created…
No, sorry,
Joy is not an option. Joy is actually the most healthy, reasonable, powerful, helpful, influential thing that can happen to us in our lives.
When I am glad to be with God.
When I am glad to be with you.
under the power of the Holy Spirit…
You are glad to be with me….
That is joy!
And joy can increase as we get older. At least, that is the way God designs it. God wants us to be healthy, and because God wired us to be joyful, we can trust he gives us this built-in health supplement.  This is why we can expect an increase in joy as we get older.
God wants it.
Consider this: joy is a life enhancer.
So, I can expect to experience more joy, the older I get. And
the older I get, the more people I will need in my life. which just gives me more joy opportunities.
When we were young, we were glad to be with those who were glad to be with us. Not as much about pure joy, but rather about those who didn’t hassle us, man! Those who were “cool.” We were glad to be with those who brought us pleasure.
But, if you weren’t cool and didn’t bring us pleasure, we didn’t need you in our life. We even thought we could do fine on our own. Quite content to be independent…at least we thought we were. But, alas, that just didn’t work out too well.
Now, as an older guy, I am not going to deny people continue to be cool who don’t hassle me, but I have also learned that it is pleasurable to be an influence on “Sad Sacks” (What is that? Ask an old guy).
The older I get, the greater chance I have to show graciousness toward those showing weakness. I have been around the block a few times and know there is a severe shortage of joy out there. Too many people aren’t taking their joy supplement.
This is when God shows up. He sends us in as lean, mean, joy-starting machines! We are superheroes. We are Joy Ninjas. Our power is unlimited!
And something else happens. The more joy we bring, the more opportunities we will have to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit, as well. The more joy we spread for God, the more Spirit He can trust us with.
We don’t have to worry. We will not run out of this supplement. God gives us unlimited access to an unending supply. Whatever we need, God provides.
Our physical capacities may decrease as we age, but our joy capacity increases. The older we get, the more joy we can spread. And God might just keep us around longer for his entertainment value. How many smiles we must bring him as we bring smiles to those around us!
God invites you into this never-ending cycle. The more joy you start, the more experience you gain starting joy, which increases the desire to start even more joy.
As you are building a lifetime of experience to draw from, and as you are being more intentional about starting joy, you are becoming a master ninja of joy.
We need each other…All of each other….
So, if you have a gracious, loving, joy-filled and forgiving older person in your life, you have GOLD!!
And if you are that person? Keep loving, keep encouraging, keep smiling and keep taking those joy supplements. God is going to keep you around, master ninja!

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