Turning On Your V-C-R

Last week I had an incident that caused some emotional pain and I wasn’t sure if I was triggered or not. The gist was that I felt accused for something I did not have in my heart, and it hurt.  Most of the time, I tend to think of these kinds of painful bumps as […]

3 Things We Need for Emotional Health

Imagine this for a moment: you’ve been tasked with building a model airplane, but you’ve never seen a real airplane and you’re not at all sure what all these parts in front of you actually do. You pick up a propeller in your hand and you look at it from every different angle and ponder […]

10 Ways Life Model Works Builds Relationships

Over the years, many people have been attracted to Life Model Works for the benefits of joyful relationships. Here are 10 ways Life Model Works helps relationships build and grow. We each do our own inventory of our relational health, growth, points of irritation or stagnation, freely deciding with new safe and loving support to […]

3 Steps to Avoid Relational Speed Bumps

There is no way to avoid it, we all need relational skills. The problem is most of us don’t realize that we are missing some! Not until we start having problems in our relationships; or we notice that we keep repeating the same relational speed bumps over and over again. When learned in the early […]

Navigating The Emotions of Life Toward Maturity

Recently I read an “inner healing” sales pitch that promised “Freedom From Negative Emotions” and cringed. I cringed because I know that lots of people are probably thinking, “Sign me up for that!”. Visions of a life free of problems and a constant state of emotional bliss sure are tempting, but the truth is, that’s […]

Understanding the 3 Transformative Stages of Teenagers

Whether you manage a teenager in your business, teach a youth Bible Study, coach High School volleyball, or have a hard time relating to your grandchildren, one things is clear: you don’t have to be a parent to benefit from understanding teenagers and their transformative stages. The following excerpt is from Barbara Moon’s book, Joy-Filled […]

Joy-filled Parenting

I have been a mother for 51 years and a grandparent for 27. I have been a nanny and a counselor. I have done many jobs with children and teens at churches I have attended.  Nothing has impacted my views on parenting like learning from Dr. Jim Wilder and Life Model Works. I had never […]

Developing Presence

Driving on a Florida two-lane road recently, I got behind someone behaving erratically. The car was swerving from one side of the lane to the other. Not maintaining the speed limit, a line of traffic had build up behind this car. Every once in awhile there would be a tap of the brakes for no […]

Pillar of the church…or, is She?

Somewhere down the road from where I am sitting, there is a church that is falling apart.  The glory days of the 1980’s are long gone and the church is struggling to survive.  The pastor has met with several consultants who all discussed vision and strategy, but missed the heart of the problem.  There is […]

Relational Skills for Real Life Relationships

Before I can talk about relationships, we need to look at relational skills. Before I can look at relational skills, we need to understand joy. Every time I write about joy, I feel a compulsion to define it. We all long for “happier” lives but we make a huge mistake when we switch out those […]