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Start Guiding People Into Life Transformation

Leading a Connexus group works different than leading most other Christian community building programs that exist. Because Connexus is based on joy and right-hemispheric relational interaction. This works best when leaders are trained in right-hemispheric relational brain skills. We’ve seen no program aside from “Connexus” that identifies these skills and teaches how to pass them on to others.

With “Connexus”, you will guide people into a life-transforming
experience. It is key that you yourself are growing your own relational brain skills. “Connexus Plus” Facilitator training will equip you to do just that.

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Start Guiding People Into Life Transformation

1. Purchase License

Visit our store to purchase a Connexus license. This will come with a Facilitator Training DVD.

2. Start Training

Watch the training DVD and online videos to help prepare for leading your study group.

3. Experience Transformation

Get excited to see lives being restored and transformed into the image of Christ.

Already A Connexus Facilitator?

This facilitator led program includes video segments and group exercises. Additional training videos can be ordered for free at our store. A Connexus license must be purchased to access these videos.

Contact Amy Brown – amybrown@lifemodelworks.org
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