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Have you ever asked yourself “What is it that I’m really looking for in life?” We search for meaning in our families, careers or religion. Behind our search is a deep desire to experience true joy.
What is real joy?
Why is it that joy is so elusive?
And what can we do to experience it?
These issues will be addressed at the first ever Joy Starts Here! conference in Midland. Joy Starts Here draws from Scripture, best processes for spiritual transformation, and the latest understandings of brain science for powerful ways to experience real joy and spread it to others.
Joy Starts Here! features Chris Coursey and Dr. Jim Wilder, two of the coauthors of the book by the same name.
Since 1977 Jim has been ministering and teaching in the areas of trauma and addiction recovery, spiritual and emotional maturity, multi-generational community development, and the brain science of relationships. His understanding of both the theology and neuroscience of joy is foundational for healing, growth and life transformation.
At Joy Starts Here! you will experience practical exercises and strategies for building joy in you and others–in all aspects of your life. You will learn what hinders joy and how to overcome those hindrances. You will leave better equipped to spread joy throughout your home, work, school and community.

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