Study Group

Learning to Become a Full-Brained Christ-Follower

led by Michael Sullivant

Life Model Works Director of Relational Networks




Some of us are stuck emotionally. Some of us are dry spiritually. For others, spiritual practices that used to work no longer bring joy and the sense of God’s presence. Effects from the pandemic of the last two years have left many feeling disconnected from the people in their lives. Also, many leaders feel like they’re stuck.

What is the way back to joy and connection?

Life Model study groups have been designed to help people understand why such things happen and get re-launched into the joy of following Christ.

These study groups run three times during the year, and more than 500 people have participated since 2021!


STEP 1 – Select a group below.

Step 2 – Purchase the book The Other Half of Church

Step 3 – Mark your calendar for the group Start Date.

The cost for this 3-month course of study is only $129 plus the purchase price of the book.

The next groups will begin the September 11, 2023, and meet every other week.

Life changing groups

Practice is required for accelerated and sustainable transformation into the image of Christ in our lives. The best context for Life Model practices is a community of eager lifetime learners.

Our goal is to help inspire and equip you to further activate and develop the relational right side of your brain that God has designed to play host to the control center for the whole brain. This “fast track” of our beings has been neglected in Western culture’s overly-rationalistic approach to learning and discipleship.  This misguidance has created much unnecessary stagnation, frustration and heaviness in the lives of God’s dearly loved children.

Across many years through a wonderful integration of biblical theology and brain science, Life Model Works has pioneered fresh and proven ways to significantly raise the levels of attachment love, peace, joy, and resiliency in the experience of people who practice it. This can actually happen for everyday folks like us! The Life Model is discipleship by design and it provides a clearer understanding of important insights regarding maturity and character transformation that many people have intuitively discerned, but never put into words.

In the course of gathering for 75-minutes twice a month for three months, you will be more profoundly introduced to the Life Model and be shown how to practice some relational brain skills that will serve you for a lifetime. We hope and pray for you to flourish more and more and experience the abundant life Jesus promised to all who follow him.

Our primary textbook will be The Other Half of Church authored by Jim Wilder and Michel Hendricks. This book is designed to be practiced by communities of believers, and not simply read, mentally registered and put back on a shelf. The authors actually warn us in the introduction that merely reading their book will not bring about transformation in its readers. So, our study groups are being formed to carry out the intentions of the authors.

Our training methods will include sharing gratitude’s, interactive discussions, crafting and answering questions, reading poetry, practical exercises, story-telling, fun homework, and journaling.



Please take note of the meeting dates, times, and time zone for each groups as they vary.

The cost for this 3-month course of study is $129 and the purchase of The Other Half of Church. You will receive the PowerPoint for each session and a free PDF Life Model book, Thinking Biblically About the Life Model, authored by Michael Sullivant.

Know When Groups Are Forming

Groups fill up fast! If the group meeting during your preferred time is full you may want to join the waiting list. You’ll also have the opportunity to join groups in the future that meet during your preferred time(s).

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