“Maturity means being fully ourselves at every age, in every situation and in every relationship.” – Dr. Jim Wilder

Just below the surface often exists a lot of frustration and hopelessness in many churches, couples, and families, because what started out as a dream come true just doesn’t work like it should. Many Christians are faithful to read their Bibles, attend church, pray, and serve… but still feel like ‘something is missing’ when they are stuck with gaps that they cannot understand or move beyond.

What if one of the missing pieces that robs our ability to sustain joyful relational connection with those around us could be found in an unexpected place?

The Problem

God designed us to mature physically through clearly defined developmental stages and milestones. But were you aware that there are also a number of relational needs and tasks God designed each person to complete in order to reach maturity at each stage of life? While most people tend to arrive at physical maturity seemingly without effort, personal maturity only happens by receiving what you need and completing the maturity tasks associated with each stage.

Everyone has holes in their maturity that suppress our growth and cripple our relationships. Unfinished maturity tasks negatively impact every facet of your life, from job performance and personal relationships to your spiritual walk. How well you raise families and build churches depends on the practice and experience you had under your own roof as a child. Areas of immaturity mean we are stuck and need assistance to accomplish specific life tasks necessary for growth. Maturing enables us to finish essential goals and tasks that provide us with peace and joy. Maturity may be one issue you cannot afford to overlook.

A Surprising Solution

Maturity is an unexpected solution to troubled marriages, problems with children, addictions, depression, character weakness, spiritual dryness, the list goes on. A weekend maturity retreat is designed to identify holes in your foundation, expose faulty development and introduce repair skills to the problems in life. Identifying those holes—as well as learning practical steps to fill them—can be life changing!

The Maturity Model

The Maturity Model incorporates current brain science, time tested developmental stages, and God’s powerful Word to provide a map with practical steps to maturity. Everyone benefits—ourselves, children, spouses, colleagues and community—when we learn to mature. And sadly, everyone suffers when we operate at a level of personal maturity that is below our physical stage. Anxiety increases and the ability to experience true joy and God’s presence decreases.

Whether you grew up in a lifeless community or were raised by abusive parents (verbally or physically) everyone has room to grow in maturity. Even if you had decent, loving parents you may still lack essential life-giving ingredients required to lead the kind of life you pray to live. Don’t merely get by in life, invest in yourself and reach more of your potential in Christ!

You Will Learn:

  • The five stages of maturity—as well as the tasks and needs required to mature.
  • How to identify the maturity tasks you have successfully completed.
  • How to identify ‘holes’ in your maturity that are suppressing your growth and joy.

You Will Leave With:

  • A personal map for maturity and the steps to achieve it – leading to healthier relationships in your family, workplace, and community.
  • A new lens to assess problems in your family, workplace, and personal relationships—as well as the resources to heal them.

This solution-based maturity retreat will equip you to bring change to your life and those around you!


Chris is an ordained minister, pastoral counselor, published author, international speaker, and president of THRIVEtoday.

Chris and Jen Coursey lead and design the THRIVE Training program that uses brain-based exercises to train leaders, families, and communities in the 19 relational skills and the Immanuel Lifestyle.


September 7-8, 2018


6pm Registration

7pm – 9pm Event


9 am – 5 pm

SouthLake Foursquare Church

1555 SW Borland Road

West Linn, OR 97068

If you are coming from out of the area, you will need to book accommodations for Friday night.


$79 / Person | Early Bird (ends Aug 8)

$89 / Person (ends Aug 31)

$99 / Person | At the Door

Includes box lunch on Saturday

Cancellation Policy

2 Weeks in advance 100% Refund

1 Week in advance 50% Refund

Less than a week in advance 0% Refund

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