F.A.Q. about Thrive: First Steps

We now have a new THRIVE Training track called THRIVE: First Steps.
Let me tell you why I am thrilled about this addition: you do not need a bonded partner and there is no preparation! Yes, I said it. No partner, no preparation. All we need is you.
For nearly 20 years I have served in ministry and spent half my life developing and testing solutions for God’s people to experience and express Christ in their relationships and communities. I have worked with Dr. Jim Wilder developing THRIVE Training which is what my other Jim friend, Jim Martini, calls a “Joy Boot Camp” because attendees train and learn joyful character skills in a most remarkable, restorative manner. We call these “relational brain skills” and there are 19 of them based on the best in brain science and Biblical principles so people live an abundant, relational, joy-filled life in Christ.
Up to this point THRIVE Training consisted of three training tracks with exercises to equip attendees to learn and pass on these skills. Before attending, participants prepare for THRIVE with reading materials, videos and the THRIVE-at-Home online curriculum. Preparation and a bonded partner are necessary because of the interactive nature of the exercises in each of the three tracks that strategically build on each other with skills in joy, return to joy and solutions for pain.
With the addition of THRIVE: First Steps we now have an easily accessible training where the exercises are new and the effects can be life-changing. I want to tell you more about THRIVE: First Steps so I put together a Frequently Asked Questions summary below to give you what you need.
What will I get with THRIVE: First Steps? THRIVE: First Steps is a new 5-day training track in the THRIVE Training events that is designed to “reset your normal” with joy-based interactive exercises so you and your fellow attendees can make joy and peace your new normal for your life, relationships, nervous system and relationship with Jesus Christ. THRIVE: First Steps offers hands-on training with teaching and application to transform your life so that anxiety, overwhelm, stress and tension no longer have the final word. You practice exercises designed to deepen your relationship with God and reset your new normal to joy.
Where do I start in the THRIVE Training sequence? Some of you are wondering whether you should take THRIVE: First Steps or attend Track One on Joy instead. This is like choosing between your two favorite foods and you can’t go wrong.
Both training tracks are valuable but there is a distinction that may help make your decision. If you have a bonded partner then you want to attend Track One on Joy simply because this is the natural entry point for bonded pairs. Track One is designed to be the starting point when you have a bonded partner because the focus is on increasing your joy and learning key brain skills with a bonded partner. THRIVE: First Steps is geared toward starting joy with specific application and exercises to reset your normal in your eating, resting, praying, playing, belonging and giving – without a bonded partner. While both training options are excellent, THRIVE: First Steps is ideal if your partner cannot make the training while Track One is ideal if your partner can join you for the fun.
Here is a helpful overview on the THRIVE Training flow.
THRIVE: First Steps – Reset Normal – Easiest entry point, anyone can attend, no bonded partner requirement, no preparation.
Track One on Joy and Rest – Starting point for bonded pairs, preparation is required.
Track Two on Return to Joy – Bonded pairs who completed Track One, preparation is required.
Track Three on Solutions for Pain – Bonded pairs who finished Tracks One and Two, preparation is required.


Can I come to THRIVE: First Steps without a bonded partner? Yes. THRIVE: First Steps is designed for everyone to attend because it uses group bonds for training exercises. Similar to the brilliant Connexus package that is available for communities, group bonds are a safe way to practice relational brain skills.
Can I still come to THRIVE: First Steps with a bonded partner? Yes. You and your bonded partner can attend THRIVE: First Steps. As I said previously, Track One is the natural place to begin the THRIVE Training sequence if you have a partner; but we are glad to have you in either track.
If I have been through some of the tracks or all three tracks, can I still attend First Steps? Yes! Whether you are a THRIVE Graduate or you already attended a track of THRIVE, you can always attend THRIVE: First Steps at any time in the training sequence. THRIVE: First Steps does not have previous training requirements like Tracks One to Three and it is not nearly as intense which makes it a refreshing week of resetting your normal using rest, joy and lots of fun. THRIVE: First Steps is unique with new exercises, new activities and a new focus to start some joy.
Do I have to complete any preparation? No preparation. We designed THRIVE: First Steps to be free from the required preparation step in order to keep the process as simple as possible. While the other three training tracks of THRIVE have required preparation that you will enjoy, the exercises in First Steps include short teaching moments for you to learn some theory as you practice the skills.
Should I read or watch anything before July? If you want to familiarize yourself with the material before you arrive at THRIVE: First Steps, the THRIVE Introductory Lectures and THRIVE-at-Home Intro course would be a good place to begin in addition to reading the Living From The Heart Jesus Gave You and Joy Starts Here books.
What is included in the registration price for THRIVE: First Steps? Your registration price includes all training materials for the week in addition to breakfast, snack and lunch. Dinner and lodging is not included.
Who is leading the THRIVE Training tracks this July? A great team is lined up to lead THRIVE Training this July. I, Chris, lead THRIVE: First Steps, Ed and Maritza Khouri lead Track One, Kitty Wilder leads Track Two and Dr. Jim Wilder leads Track Three.
What else do I need to know? Space is limited for THRIVE: First Steps and we will fill up fast. What this means is if you are interested in attending, don’t delay registering.

For details and to register for Thrive: First Steps, or any Thrive Training Track in July, click here!


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