Dear Ones, 
I am changed! That is my song and the song of thousands who have discovered the long-standing practices of our work. For over fifty years, people around the globe have been singing praises because they have witnessed the miracles of Life Model Works practices in their lives and communities. They have discovered we can be a fearless people who love like Jesus. We can love God and others as we love ourselves because we live from a different perspective now.
As the number of transformed lives top the thousands, we are just scratching the surface. Let’s only be satisfied once it is billions! The nations must see and experience what we have, and our model has to work in every culture.
We appreciate every financial gift as a faith-based ministry because it means one more can hear. One more resource can be printed. One more church staff can face the paradigm shift of relational discipleship and leadership.
And as a faith-based ministry, we appreciate every prayer spoken. We are confident God will give us divine opportunities to share the joy of the journey designed for all.
Join our Life Model Works family today with your prayers and financial gifts because many more are waiting to hear this best-kept secret of transformation into the image of Christ.
With joy,

Marlene Allen

Executive Director, Life Model Works

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