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The Life Model

The Life Model is an advanced and proven set of relational and neurotheological practices that transform.

The Life Model contains the right-brained elements of discipleship that produce lasting transformation into the image of Christ.

Life Model Works

We are the nonprofit organization guiding the development and application of the Life Model.

We create practical tools for “full-brained, whole-hearted” applications so churches can build authentic community and transform lives.


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Reading is fundamental to understanding the Life Model and how its application leads to lasting transformation.


Unique content, relevant topics, actionable insights that benefit you now, presented with a relational approach.


Deep dives into amazing truths with subject matter experts, live group interaction, and lasting benefits.


Stream from our library of audio and video files, utilize assessment tools, and more.


Uncommon information and interaction that equates to lasting transformation.

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Yes, free content you can use now with benefits for a lifetime.

“The reason we started to lean more into the Life Model
resources is we saw they actually worked!"

Tom Anthony, Pastor, Mountain Springs Church

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Life Model Study Groups

Engage with others as you learn to become a full-brained follower of Christ.

Online Community

A members area for relationship building and learning is being developed.

Leader's Collective's

Circle up with ministry and organizational leaders to learn, share, and grow.

Partnerships that Work

We form partnerships to strengthen our mission and propel your transformation.

Lauren Staten​

My Life Model Story

Her lawyer introduced her to Life Model Works and now she reports, "I am a completely different person. The person I am now has peace and joy, is able to be tender and gentle with my children. And, there is so much more!"

Marlene Allen

My Life Model Story​

After Walking with the Lord for 44 years, I have seen the most transformation in the last four because of Life Model Works.

Greg Dukett

My Life Model Story

After an 18-month search for help, Greg discovered the Life Model through a book recommended by his life coach. He read it in two days and then sought more. The results of applying what he learned? Simply stated, he said, "This changed my life!"

Life Model Testimony

Your stuff is always so timely with Spirit-led accuracy. I became a widow 7 years ago, so I’ve needed to draw on my Christian friends to recover well. I have appreciated your ministry since a small group of us did the Thrive series 10 or 12 years ago! I’ve attended a lot of seminars, been involved in a lot of training, but we are ALL still talking about what we learned about JOY in that series. Joy strength built by dopamine, and babies need to look away when they are plumb full---I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve shared that truth. Having the ability to return to JOY from anger, fear, all the negative emotions we get into…and just the FACT that the Bible teaches us that we are to LIVE in JOY---so few teach this truth!
Rebecca M.

Life Model Blogs

Life Model Works

Understanding Infant Maturity

If you’ve been around the Life Model, you’ve probably heard about the five stages of maturity: infant, child, adult, parent, and elder. If you are

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This is where transformation takes root!

Life Model Consulting

Get personal, ongoing, strategic help implementing the Life Model into your church or organization.

Advanced Development Teams

Creating Life Model teams to advance transformation into new territory


This 3-module small group curriculum uniquely bonds people together and moves them toward maturity like none other.