Becoming a Gentle Responder

Have you ever wondered why it can be hard to respond well to what others say or do? You have intentions of being loving, kind, encouraging, and then you are in a discussion and you find yourself responding with something like sarcasm, anger, or judgment instead of being a gentle responder. Let’s explore this common […]

Subtle Narcissism – Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

In one of my Joy Groups, we are doing an in-depth study about narcissism and how to deal with it both in ourselves and with others.  We are learning that there are different ‘’types’’ and different “degrees” of narcissism. Most of us have no problem recognizing the blatant, harsh, self-justifying, defensive kind.  There’s no question […]

What's Missing? The Immanuel Lifestyle!

Last weekend I attended the Annual Gathering of folks who love Life Model Works. The focus was Living an Immanuel Lifestyle. I heard two speakers, both heads of ministries, say, “I was missing something in my relationship with Christ–and what I was missing was the relationship.” We spent the next two days looking at this […]

Children's Stuffies & Bonds & How Loved We Are

  Are there any little children in your life? Do they have something they cannot go to sleep (or live) without? Maybe it’s a blanket that’s tattered and full of holes. Maybe it’s a stuffed animal that doesn’t smell very good. Some people call these loveys, blankies, or stuffies.  Stuffies is a kind of new […]


I had a great discussion the other day with a friend who asked some probing questions about ministering to someone in deep grief.  We tossed around some thoughts about the differences in every-day negative emotions and deep emotions from grief.  It’s my opinion that they are a bit different although there are some parallels. The […]

Turning On Your V-C-R

Last week I had an incident that caused some emotional pain and I wasn’t sure if I was triggered or not. The gist was that I felt accused for something I did not have in my heart, and it hurt.  Most of the time, I tend to think of these kinds of painful bumps as […]

Understanding the 3 Transformative Stages of Teenagers

Whether you manage a teenager in your business, teach a youth Bible Study, coach High School volleyball, or have a hard time relating to your grandchildren, one things is clear: you don’t have to be a parent to benefit from understanding teenagers and their transformative stages. The following excerpt is from Barbara Moon’s book, Joy-Filled […]

Joy-filled Parenting

I have been a mother for 51 years and a grandparent for 27. I have been a nanny and a counselor. I have done many jobs with children and teens at churches I have attended.  Nothing has impacted my views on parenting like learning from Dr. Jim Wilder and Life Model Works. I had never […]

What to Do When You are Upset and Alone

All of us have experienced events that caused us pain. All of us will continue to experience difficulties. The good news is that we don’t have to stay in that place that allows the traumatic event to continually affect us.  Jesus has provided a way out—He Himself and His presence are the way out and […]

Two Reasons You Might Not Be Experiencing Immanuel

For the last few years I’ve been learning how to practice the presence of Jesus and also I’ve been teaching others this wonderful way to pray and live. In my small groups we do Immanuel Prayer at each meeting, asking Jesus to show us where He is in the room and asking Him what He […]

Try this Simple Secret When You're Having Trouble Chilling Out

What would you do if you could learn an easy way to calm yourself and get the “relational circuits” in your brain back on when you’re upset, would you be interested? Stick with me here for a few minutes and I will share with you how to do that and how to help others do […]