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If you are looking for bonus resources that were referenced to in a Life Model Works publication or at an event, then you are in the right place! Find print outs, additional articles, videos, and other content to better equip you and your ministry teams.

Joy Changes Everything

Life Model Works

A Christian Multi-Modal Approach to Therapy

Netherlands Meeting | June 2, 2021

The Lifeboat In Your Brain (19 Relational Skills)

By: Chris Coursey

Immanuel Healing: God With Us

By: E. James Wilder, Ph.D.

Maturity Skills Assessment

By: E. James Wilder, Ph.D.

“Living From The Heart Jesus Gave You” Study Resource
“Living From the Heart Jesus Gave You” (Hindi)
JoyFul Journey Questions


JoyStream is a growing library of Life Model Works resources you can stream on demand!

Your monthly membership gives you access to video and audio presentations from a variety of Life Model proponents, including Dr. Jim Wilder, Chris Coursey, Dr. Marcus Warner, Dr. Karl Lehman and more!

Each month new resources are added and the library grows! Whether it’s a video presentation from Annual Gathering, an audio teaching from event or roundtable discussion, or a webinar recording, you’ll be inspired by the information and moved toward Christ-like transformation with JoyStream!

Are you curious about how brain science intersects with the Bible?

Want to integrate the Life Model into your church?

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