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The God who inspired the writing of scripture is also the same One who designed the brain.


If you’ve poked around the Life Model Works website or been to one of our events, you have probably come across the term neurotheology. You may be thinking, “Is that a word?” Not only is it a word, it is a central concept of the Life Model. We believe that the God who inspired the writing of scripture (the Bible) is also the same One who designed the flesh, bones, tendons, nerves and everything else making up the human body… including the brain. Learn how the Life Model can transform you at work: from fear and avoidance to fearlessness and joy!


As brain scan machines opened up a window into the internal functioning human brain, scientists started discovering how the brain grows to be human and how character is formed. It turns out that the relational and spiritual growth that we, as Christians, call discipleship is processed in the magnificent human brain. Understanding the brain also revealed that much of what we promote and teach in churches about how we grow as Christians is incomplete.

Neurotheology examines the cross section of the Bible and brain science, exploring questions like:

  • How do people grow to maturity?
  • What is character and how do we form it?
  • How does the brain handle trauma and how can we bring healing?
  • Why do I find myself doing things I saw my parents do and swore I would never do?
  • How do my relational attachments form my character?
  • How does a church help their people grow to be more like Jesus and to love like Jesus loved with a full heart and whole brain?

The answers to these questions and more are located in the overlap of scripture and brain science – neurotheology.

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