I can discover what happened to my deepest dreams

I wanted to make my world a joyful place and watch smiles spread around me. Inside us all, we all want to spread joy. Joy creates cozy belonging, friendships, resilience, improved health, creativity making me more effective at everything that matters. From the ancient wisdom literature of the Bible to current brain science the relational joy of being together brings out the best in me and in others.

Has my brain’s joy system been hacked into or hijacked?

My JoyQ uses 10 scales to pinpoint where my joy is being eroded or grown. Unmet joy needs develop into cravings and attract joy parasites. Joy spreads when the conditions are right for transformation. My JoyQ is not just about me but examines my environment. Low-joy environments breed problems. My JoyQ examines my environment for low-joy risks. My JoyQ can be administered to groups, schools, churches or organizations. I want to check My JoyQ now.

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