Life Model Works Leader's Collectives

Full Heart – Whole Brain: Becoming a Fearless Leader

Team up with Jim Wilder, Ray Woolridge and Michael Sullivant on a year-long, twice per month journey of personal and professional transformation.

 Together, Jim, Ray and Michael have over 100 years’ experience developing people and organizations between them.


Preparation: Each session will be interactive and require spiritual, emotional, and intellectual preparation. 

Groups: We have designed Leader’s Collectives to model the building of healthy group identity and provide the groundwork for sustainability and immunity to narcissism. To enable this design, each participant will be expected to recruit 3 people to whom you will pass along what you are learning, and 5 people to pray for you and sponsor you on your journey as a member of a Leader’s Collective. 

We will also provide a way for your friends to financially contribute to sponsor your participation.

Next Group Begins Summer 2024

Watch the past Leader’s Collective participants share about how their lives have been impacted by this focused training community.

Building relational skills happens best in focused communities.

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/Month for 12 Months


Minute sessions

Avg members/group

Jim Wilder has been a primary researcher/developer in the new field of neurotheology. It provides a better understanding of how people mature generally and transform specifically into Christ’s likeness through the ways God has designed people to learn best. 

Ray Woolridge is a retired U.S. Army Brigadier General and a pastor. He exhibits a solid and keen sense for the practical implementation of values and mobilization of human/financial resources. 

Michael Sullivant is a relationally minded teacher/trainer who majors in making complex matters easier to grasp. He has led hundreds of people through Life Model Study Groups this year and is the Director of Relational Networks at Life Model Works.

Practicing Life Model skills with peers will change how you live and lead! Leader’s Collectives will take place over Zoom and will feature one in-person/free admission gathering at the Transform conference September 15-17, 2021 in Kansas City.

What Can I Expect?

1. Build partnerships with other leaders on a journey to become “fearless leaders” who live and lead from their “full heart and whole brain.”

2. Put to work the whole brain practices that Life Model Works specializes in for motivated individuals.

3. Discover relational connections with fellow leaders who are integrating the Life Model into their way of being, style of relating and approach to their work.

4. Exchange the toxic fuel of fear for God’s alternative “green” fuel of attachment love/joy that will help us reach our challenging goals.

5. Begin to know what it is like to feel peaceful at work.

6. Receive practical tools that will help you measure progress related to displacing fear with joy in your group culture.

WHY Take the Journey?

  • How can leaders build the joy and peace of Christ as we do our work and prevent the joy-leaks that we all face?
  • What can we do to ward off the discouragement and resignation that crouches at our door?
  • How can we avoid just “going through the motions” with a growing knot of cynicism tightening in our guts?

Many courses and seminars offer solutions that do not actually work. Left brained solutions may offer explanations, tools and tips but most will not be sustainable for the long-haul. What are needed are whole brain solutions that create people who lead with full hearts and whole brains!

For 50 years, Life Model Works has discovered proven ways we can sustain our development on many fronts simultaneously. These ways involve so much more than getting the right information, adhering to correct doctrinal beliefs, making better choices, or redoubling our commitments. This unique experiential learning opportunity will be loaded with personal and group relational exercises, interactions, and practices that will access and activate the fast track of our brains (the right hemisphere) to create a flow of much more joy, hesed love, group identity and resiliency. Such relational skills will also build immunity to narcissism, which is draining and ruining organizations in our societies at an accelerated rate.

You will learn to use transformational tools that will make felt differences quickly. You will also want to master and use these tools across your lifetime. God’s interactive presence will be welcomed and hosted. Leaders need to be relationally and deeply “presenced” by God and others in the midst of our demanding lives and work.

Why do so many leaders gradually become more and more isolated? We can help one another tear down the walls of lonely self-protection to become more open and vulnerable to the Spirit’s work. Maybe we missed some of the basics of simply being human in Christ before we took on the job? It’s not too late! Who will journey with us in this fellowship of the mystery of God in our world?

Next Group Begins 2024