You Should Try Sailing Instead of Rowing

Transformation into Christlikeness and the Christian life in general seem like a lot of work to many people. They may even think: “There must be more to this life than trying.” “God must be disappointed in me.” “It feels like I live a double life.” “No matter how hard I try, I don’t seem to […]

Is a "With-God Life" Really Important?

One individual who comes to me for Spiritual Direction is responsible for an organization with 330 staff and a large budget. He is in and out of meetings all day and constantly interacts with people. He asked me, “is it really so important that I talk to God about things—even little things—all day long?” My […]

Tired of Cliché Christian Happiness? Try this Instead

My crabby self is beginning to be won over. A little background. I don’t put stock in “easy answers.” I strive for authenticity and any hint of that plastic sort of happy-face Christianity –well, I have to work at loving a person who espouses that. I don’t like sugar-coating things, or even coming close to […]