Inside Out 2 – Pernicious Anxiety

By Michel Hendricks In my previous article on the movie, Inside Out 2, we looked at the brain reconstruction that happens when we transition from child to adult around age 14. One of the consequences we see in Riley is the introduction and almost overwhelming dominance anxiety in Riley’s life. Anxiety is a new emotion […]

Inside Out 2 – The Great Rewiring

In the original popular movie, “Inside Out,” we meet Riley, a pre-teen girl struggling with the sadness of leaving her hometown and friends behind as she moves to San Francisco.  We see the interplay of Joy with more negative emotions, including Sadness and Anger, and learn the centrality of joy in handling negative emotions.   “Inside […]

The Origins of the False Self

At Life Model Works, we ask a lot of “how” questions. Often in churches, we are told what the Bible teaches, but too often we are not taught how to pull it off in real life. How do we love the people around us like Jesus loves them? How do we love the difficult people in our lives, […]

Christmas Peace

We see two important words often during the Christmas holiday: joy and peace. We see them on Christmas cards, and we sing them in songs. At Life Model Works, we talk a lot about the importance of joy in lives. Our brains were designed with joy in mind, and when our joy gets low, life doesn’t work well. However, in this article we are going to focus on the other important word: peace .

Tap the Brakes On Social Media

by Michel Hendricks A social experiment was unleashed on the world in 2007 by the creation of the smartphone. This development, combined with social media, is changing the way we relate to each other. At Life Model Works, we often hear from parents asking us for ideas about parenting in the smart phone era. Because […]