Family Gathering 2021 Recordings

Welcome Friends!

We are delighted you have purchased access to the video recordings from the Family Gathering 2021. 

The content presented, the presenters who taught, the practitioners who shared, are ready for you to access at your convenience. This page alone hosts the recordings and you can return as often as you like.

There was an issue with Dr. Wilder’s second keynote (Session 5) and we are working to re-record it. When it is ready, we will place it here on the page.

Please do not share this page URL with anyone outside your household, as it it intended for personal use by those who have paid for access. Group viewing is not part of the rights you have purchased. Thank you for your compliance.

May the Lord use the content in these recordings to help you further experience transformation into the likeness of Jesus!


Session 1 - My Life Model Story

Session 2 - Dr. Jim Wilder - Women and Christianity

Session 3 - Michel Hendricks - Getting the Life Model into Your Church

Session 4 - Michael Sullivant - Joy Building

Session 5 - Dr. Jim Wilder's Friday AM Session - COMING SOON!

Session 6 - Amy Brown leading an Immanuel Interactive Time

Session 7 - Walkthrough of the Life Model Online Community

Session 8 - Terri & Michael Sullivant

Are you curious about how brain science intersects with the Bible?

Want to integrate the Life Model into your church?

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