Transform 2022

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Elective 1

The 5 Skills Every Marriage and Family Needs

Chris & Jen Coursey

In this session, relational skill experts Chris and Jen Coursey from THRIVEtoday will lead you with teaching, stories, practice, and exercises on 5 key skills that change the game for marriage and parenting.

The Coursey’s worked with Dr. Jim Wilder for over 20 years developing resources and curriculum, so families and communities use relational skills to be resilient, relational, and resourceful in good times and bad. They will share the 5 skills that transformed their marriage and took their parenting to a new level. 5 simple skills transform our relationships, so fear and pain no longer have the last word.

Elective 2

Encountering Immanuel

Margaret Webb

The Immanuel Lifestyle is one of the Life Model’s three pillars. This model of prayer connects with God (who is ‘with us’, Immanuel) so we can sense His presence and hear His voice.

Whether this is an introduction to Encountering Immanuel or a deepening of your interactive life with Him, you will experience the joy of His presence as Margaret and her team lead you through the proven practices that have helped so many connect with God at a whole new level.

Elective 3

Rare Leadership in the Workplace

Virgie Maney & Dave Mead

Did you know that living as a RARE leader at work is taking the Life Model to work? In this interactive session, Dave Mead and Virgie Maney will assist you with practical steps on how to be your best self at work. 

Healthy teams begin with healthy leaders, and at the heart of this dynamic is emotional maturity—the quality the greatest leaders possess. 

Healthy leaders lead with their full heart and whole brain. 

RARE Leadership in the Workplace will help you live the Life Model at work.

Conference Session

Our "As If" Self

Jim Wilder

The difference between humans and the rest of God’s creatures is our ability to create an ‘as-if’ self so convincingly that we believe it ourselves. 

We build, protect and seek the company of those who maintain our image. The ‘as-if’ self has no immunity to the justifications of the flesh, the greed of the eyes or the pride of our status although the as-if self can make those three forces sound spiritual. 

The ‘as-if’ self tends to live in the future or the past and dislike being in our bodies right now. The ‘as-if’ self wants whatever is going to work rather than who we are meant to become.

Conference Session

Our Best Self

Jim Wilder

At first, we cannot see our best self – only its shadow in the things that cause us suffering. We sense our best self in those things we admire about Jesus and people like him. Our best self is asking to be found when we are in love and when we imagine. 

The only problems with these longings (desires of our heart) are the deformed and limited ways we imagine they can be fulfilled. Our imaginations are always too small and too contaminated by the false self’s way to build our image with the world. 

We need a new identity group that sees in us people who attach to their enemies – something the “as if” self cannot do.

Conference Session

The False Selves We Encourage in the Church and Why

Michel Hendricks

One of the responsibilities of the church is to bring out the truest and best selves in each other. Tragically too often the opposite happens. Because of performance expectations and fear, we are pressured to become people who are far from who we truly are. Come and take a look at the false selves or avatars that we encourage in the church and how we can encourage our true selves to flourish in community.

Conference Session

Goodbye Raggedy Ann - How Healing from Shame Banished a False Identity

Terri Sullivant

Terri will share how circumstances surrounding her birth produced a pocket of shame that gave rise to a false identity.

Just recently, following her mother’s passing, Immanuel exposed this stronghold and removed the burden of this false self.

Conference Session

Escaping Enemy Mode In Our Marriage

Ray & Deborah Woolridge

More than 10 years ago, Ray was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma the same month he learned he would be promoted to brigadier general. They were both terrified but determined to survive and grow into a more relational marriage. Deborah felt God calling her to live her life without regrets, so she began to speak honestly, courageously, and compassionately with Ray about their marriage and how his enemy mode had impacted them.

What is it like to live with a husband who is escaping enemy mode?

Conference Session

Calling Out the True Self In Non-Believers

Claudia Hendricks

How do we reflect what Jesus sees in people whose point of view does not align with ours? Stories from daily interactions in secular environments.

Conference Session

Getting Stuck in "As If"

Jim Wilder

How is a stuck brain like a stuck toilet? The strange side effects of an as-if self and understanding how they work that way.

Conference Session

Finding Our Best Self

Jim Wilder

Using a rescue attachment will get us unstuck from enemy mode. What are the necessary elements and how can we practice? 

Questions & Responses

The Conference speakers join in responding to questions submitted by attendees. Some great additional content!