Getting Fear Out of My Life


with Dr. Jim Wilder & Ray Woolridge



God designed our bodies to escape danger.  When our amygdala senses a threat, our bodies surge with powerful hormones which help us move like Superman: “Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Look, up in the Sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman!”  

Haha. Right, we all want to escape danger and overcome obstacles like Superman. Here’s the problem, the fuel of fear is also toxic. Many of us live our lives in fear:

  • fear of failure
  • fear of other’s opinion
  • fear of rejection
  • fear of shame
  • etc.


There is a better way: the fuel of JOY! 

In this FREE WEBINAR, you’ll discover what fear is doing to you, why living in fear is toxic, and how to get fear out of your life.

I invite you to join Dr. Jim Wilder and me on Tuesday, October 26th at Noon Eastern.

The webinar will be recorded and made available the day after the broadcast to everyone who registers. so even if you cannot attend the live broadcast, go ahead and register and watch later at your convenience.

Let’s live free from fear!

Keynote Presenter

Dr. Jim Wilder

Dr. Jim Wilder (Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, and M.A. Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary) has been training leaders and counselors for over 27 years on five continents. He is the author of multiple books with a strong focus on maturing and relationship skills for leaders. His coauthored book Living From the Heart Jesus Gave You has sold over 100,000 copies and is printed in eleven languages. Wilder has published numerous articles and developed four sets of video and relational leadership training called THRIVE.

He is the founder and chief neurotheologian of Life Model Work, a nonprofit working at the intersection of brain science and theology that is building contagiously healthy Christian communities through equipping existing networks with the skills to thrive. Dr. Wilder has extensive counseling experience and has served as a guest lecturer at Fuller Seminary, Biola, Talbot Seminary, Point Loma University, Montreat College, Tyndale Seminary and elsewhere.

Ray Woolridge

Rev. Ray Woolridge (MDiv, Southwestern Baptist Seminary, and Master of Strategic Studies, U.S. Army War College) became the Executive Director of Life Model Works on September 1, 2020. He is thrilled to serve in a role that combines his pastoral and leadership experience with his calling, giftings and walk with God. The principles behind the Life Model are transforming his life, work, and personal relationships every day. 

Ray is a retired U.S. Army Chaplain (Brigadier General) with 43 years of service with the military, in uniform or as a civilian. A skilled public communicator, he also gets joy in coaching leaders to discover their uniqueness and unleash their potential. Ray has led in two congregations, as a church planting pastor and as pastor of adult ministries. Ray is thankful to partner with Life Model Works to come alongside existing networks to implement Life Model principles in their context.