Tithing for a Party?!

Did you know that part of God’s plan for our financial giving includes setting aside money to build joy in our families and communities?   An unexpected command A few

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Why Shame is Good for Us

You ought to be ashamed of yourself! You ought to be ashamed of yourself! I’m serious. It’s good for you. In the right way at the right time, shame is

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19 Skills

Abraham's Rare Skills

  I was reading from Genesis 22  – the story of God asking Abraham to sacrifice Isaac – and I noticed that Abraham says, “Here I am” three times in the

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Bad Eye, Good Eye

You may have heard the term “evil eye.” Perhaps you think of a mom giving her disobedient child “the look.” Or the great fiery eye of Sauron from Lord of the

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Jesus Loves All of You

In Immanuel Prayer, we pay attention to a number of things: not just our thoughts and God’s thoughts, but also our emotions and body. Then we share our stories with

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