Reflections on TRANSFORM 23

by Jen Pfeiler What a delightful time it was to be together at TRANSFORM 2023! As a member of the Life Model Works administrative staff, I expected to be caught up in the hustle and bustle of making sure things were in order, but I was pleasantly surprised by the inundation of relationally connective people […]

Escaping Enemy Mode Together

It will be exciting to see many of you in Denver this month. We are going to experience joy and learn to stay connected to Jesus and to our people, even when we are in enemy mode. We are going to share stories from the field and hear how it is going. How is escaping […]

Resources for Creating Transformational Small Groups

(Part 10 of 10 from the article, “Through the Eyes of Heaven: Does ‘Talking It Through to Find Peace’ bring Shalom?”) By Jim Wilder and Ed Khouri Having explained the practices, pitfalls, and perils of talking things through to find “peace,” let’s turn our attention to resources that can help. These materials encourage the development […]

Sharing Wounds and Pain to Develop Attachment and Intimacy

(Part 4 of 10 from the article, “Through the Eyes of Heaven: Does ‘Talking It Through to Find Peace’ bring Shalom?”) By Jim Wilder and Ed Khouri Getting to know each other by talking things through is often used in Christian circles to form spiritual community. We get to know each other by discussing as […]

The Shortcomings of Trying to Talk our Way Back to Peace 

By Jim Wilder and Ed Khouri  (Part 3 of 10 from the article, “Through the Eyes of Heaven:  Does ‘Talking It Through to Find Peace’ bring Shalom?”)  God sees through heaven’s eyes — an infallibly gracious perspective. Until you and I are with Him, our objective is to cultivate peace in our lives by sowing […]

Discovering how to escape enemy mode

The struggle is real and happens to me every day. I escaped again this morning. Explaining enemy mode is easy for me; reliably escaping is the work I will be doing with my people every day the rest of my life. Enemy mode enemy mode affects everyone around me, flowing outward in concentric circles from […]

How We Are Escaping Enemy Mode In Our Marriage

By Ray and Deborah Woolridge When have you had an enemy mode conversation with someone you love? How does it feel to you? How does it make them feel? As a couple married 36+ years, enemy mode feels like falling down a cliff. Falling into enemy mode is much easier than climbing out of it.  […]

Acting Like Myself In Row 6

By Shari Ausley, Life Model Works Board Member Bio: Shari Ausley is a new empty-nester. In 2005 she started a K-12 Christian school in central Florida, a member of Ambleside Schools International. Prior to that she was in full-time Christian service with Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ). She currently serves on the Board of […]

Enhancing Our Faces

By Michael Sullivant “As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭27:17‬ ‭NKJV‬‬. Practicing the Life Model has much to do with the importance of faces … God’s face, the face of Immanuel, other’s faces, and our own face as well. God has given us, even in infancy, the […]