The struggle is real and happens to me every day. I escaped again this morning. Explaining enemy mode is easy for me; reliably escaping is the work I will be doing with my people every day the rest of my life. Enemy mode enemy mode affects everyone around me, flowing outward in concentric circles from my wife to our children and grandchildren, to my extended family and work team and beyond. I am learning to recognize my enemy mode, quiet myself and ask Jesus for His help in escaping it.

What gives me hope? Stories of escape from so many people. 

Listen to these stories from a webinar with our friends at Thrive Today. We shared hopeful updates from the “frontlines” as people fight to remain relational.  Watch here:  Escaping Enemy Mode – Free Webinar – YouTube

D. emailed us after listening to our YouTube channel: 

“Not very eloquent, but it’s heart and soul, mind and body sincere! Both your Table Talks and Escaping Enemy Mode have hit the spot! So did Pandora Problem, Renovated and Rare Leadership but I’m only now finally writing; I’m sorry. For me personally, for my reforming family, and (I pray) for others eventually around us, the content of your materials truly is life-changing…. What a marvel, that I get to live in this season of history for such developments.  If my marriage and family can stick together and be transformed, anybody’s marriage and family can.  We’ve been sick and stuck in enemy mode for so very long. Woohoo, I am also🎵 thinking about each of us reaching those four other people in the world.”

D., thanks so much. We couldn’t agree more. 

If you want to go deeper, check out:

Not long ago we sat down to talk about enemy mode and how to escape it. Watch our Table Talk here (Table Talk: Escaping Enemy Mode I with Neurotheologian Dr. Jim Wilder & the Life Model Works Team – YouTube

Another conversation about escaping enemy mode was when Jim Wilder and I talked about it in November:

Join our Escaping Enemy Mode book club beginning on March 2: Home – Escaping Enemy Mode

With you on the journey to escape and become a person who loves like Jesus loves!


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