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Dusty Disciples

By Ed Khouri Dear Life Model Community, It’s a joy to be covered in dust with you! Let me explain. In biblical times, many rabbis

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The Family of God

By this we know love that He gave his life His self-sacrifice … the Passion Play Once we who were takers become the receivers A new culture

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Brain Joy-Flow

The flow begins at bottom right For a caring one who’s full of light Delights to be with me Next the hub for my alarm

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To Adore Is To A Door

It seems we’re always striving for opportunities To make our mark upon the world Our insecurity to ease We want to find significance in a

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Trusting, dependent, adoring, responsive Too honest for acting unreal Open and curious, willing to bond This is what children reveal Christ said that we must

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Mirrored Thoughts

Life rushes by at flurried pace Unless I clear some sacred space To adore the Source of all gifts good And grace appears to change

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A Hearing Heart

In King Solomon’s story there is a grand clue To being God’s friend … it’s for me, it’s for you The young king was tender, he

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