The Family of God

By this we know love that He gave his life His self-sacrifice … the Passion Play Once we who were takers become the receivers A new culture is born in this way We b’long to new friends in this Spirit of rest No more to be left all alone  This family reflects back who we truly are […]

Brain Joy-Flow

The flow begins at bottom right For a caring one who’s full of light Delights to be with me Next the hub for my alarm Alerting me to cause for harm But all is quiet now I ask then, “Am I understood?” By others who will do me good I feel assured I am So joy […]

To Adore Is To A Door

It seems we’re always striving for opportunities To make our mark upon the world Our insecurity to ease We want to find significance in a noisy day The many voices drown us out So we push to get our say Working hard to find the doors that lead to open seas We trample love into […]


Trusting, dependent, adoring, responsive Too honest for acting unreal Open and curious, willing to bond This is what children reveal Christ said that we must become just like them In the kingdom of God to share Let’s lay down our pride and humbly decide The stigma is worth it to bear In Matthew 18:2-4, Jesus’ […]

Mirrored Thoughts

Life rushes by at flurried pace Unless I clear some sacred space To adore the Source of all gifts good And grace appears to change my mood My thoughts return to traveled miles That reapply forgotten smiles I live again sight, sound and smell Deep thanks drawn up as from a well Wind, quake and fire weren’t […]

A Hearing Heart

In King Solomon’s story there is a grand clue To being God’s friend … it’s for me, it’s for you The young king was tender, he loved the Lord greatly God came near in a dream to see if he was stately “Ask what I shall give you,” bid God to the king His response holds the […]

God and Us

God is with us: You designed me from the start My life you had planned You have always been with me Though I didn’t see Your hand God is for us: Then one day You intervened My trust to Christ I gave Now that we are reconciled My whole life You will save God is […]

Love Bond

It feels like our imperfections  Would turn our God’s face away To be mostly disappointed in us ‘Cause our weaknesses get in His way Men’s traditions have taught us to fear God In ways that have twisted the truth And kept us from bonding securely In His love for which there’s ample proof God has […]

Loving To Learn

I thank the Lord for reason and will They have their rightful place In my world they became conflated So they hid my Father’s face Unveiled we can see our Father’s eyes We die to hate and pride Joined in love to Christ we really learn Our Guide lives on the inside In his recent brilliant […]

Lightning Fast

I calm myself, receive your peace, then close you come to me I think back on my journey and a golden memory A time when all things seemed to be just as they ought to be I rehearse the feelings and the thoughts and suddenly I see You were there beside me though I’d yet to bond with […]