The flow begins at bottom right
For a caring one who’s full of light
Delights to be with me
Next the hub for my alarm
Alerting me to cause for harm
But all is quiet now
I ask then, “Am I understood?”
By others who will do me good
I feel assured I am
So joy is really firing now
Just behind my right eyebrow
I delight in who I am
My left brain signaled by my right
Has clearer views of truth in sight
I choose and speak wisely now

I wrote this poem when I first learned from Jim Wilder about how God has designed for our brains to operate and process our relational experiences with Him and others. If we know more profoundly how our brains operate, then it helps us cooperate with what the Holy Spirit is doing to increase our capacities for love, peace, fellowship, self-awareness, authenticity, emotional and social intelligence, joy and resilience. God transforms us from the inside-out. This is the kind of spirituality Jesus came to offer to all humanity in a way it had never been available before. 

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