7 Deadly Traps for Small Groups

By Jim Wilder You know that person or couple who only comes by your church or small group when there is a party? They are fun people and seem to want genuinely to connect with community. But when it’s time to volunteer with the church or the neighborhood, they don’t seem to be responding to text […]

Moving Relationships from Bitter to Sweet

In one of my favorite moments as a journalist, years ago I joined the friendly banter of a popular men’s watering hole, Ben’s, the first African-American barber shop in Madison, Wisconsin. The first thing you noticed was the high-amperage joy, men’s safe teasing, inter-generational trust, and rhythmic guffaws. After being warmly welcomed, I asked a […]

Why Addictions Actually Make Sense

Addictions are not a fun topic for anyone to discuss. Just the noun itself brings up all kinds of word pictures in our minds- each one different depending upon your individual experience. For some of us, we are still struggling and battling within the chains of addictions right now. We are always making sure that […]

Three Chances to Hear Ed Khouri on the Radio!

You can hear Ed Khouri, co-author of Joy Starts Here on an upcoming episode of Beyond Abuse Radio. Ed will introduce many of the ideas from Joy Starts Here. He will also provide a framework for some of the concepts in Connexus, the Life Model Approach for Churches. Here’s the description of the 1st episode which you […]

Here’s How Joy Radically Altered One Woman’s Life

There’s nothing more exciting than watching God transform lives. Sometimes, the changes we get to see are very visible. One recent example is our friend Deborah. Five years ago, she was depressed, overweight and estranged from her mother. Then, Deborah participated in Connexus, a series of three transformative courses for churches. Connexus In Connexus: Restarting, […]

What Will It Take to Become a Church for the Depressed?

The following article was originally published on ChrisMorton.info. Take a look at Connexus to learn how your church can embrace the depressed and others in need. The sting of Robin Williams’ death strikes in a sore place in the cultural subconscious next to the memories of Phillip Seymore Hoffman and Mitch Hedberg. All death is tragic. Suicide […]

Register TODAY for Thriving DC

Do you want to be a part of a joyful church community? Here’s your chance to learn from the guys who “wrote the book.” Ed Khouri and David Takle, two of the co-authors of Connexus, are facilitating Thriving DC, a unique training opportunity in Fairfax, Virginia. The event is sponsored by our friends at Healing […]