Here’s How Joy Radically Altered One Woman’s Life

There’s nothing more exciting than watching God transform lives.

Sometimes, the changes we get to see are very visible.

One recent example is our friend Deborah. Five years ago, she was depressed, overweight and estranged from her mother. Then, Deborah participated in Connexus, a series of three transformative courses for churches.


In Connexus: Restarting, Deborah came to realize that she was living at the mercy of behaviors, events, experiences, persons and substances or BEEPS.

“Restarting helped me recover from a life-long food addiction and lose 65 lbs. I ain’t got no BEEPS anymore, and I’m a normal size for the first time in my life!”


She also participated in Connexus: Forming, where she learned how to naturally and regularly communicate with God. Then, during Connexus: Belonging “God deepened my trust level with him and led me to my estranged mother’s door. After 22 years of silence, we now cherish each other and talk regularly.”


Along the way, Deborah read Dr. Jim Wilder’s Living From the Heart Jesus Gave You. In time, she came to understand that she had the emotional maturity of a child and was very low on joy.

“The first time I saw the maturation test I quickly shut the book, not to reopen it for years – it was such bad news. But I am now well on my way to maturing adulthood in all dimensions, serving and loving others starting with my family first.”

Deborah’s story is amazing, but it’s not out of the ordinary! We serve a God of miracles. Tools like Connexus are just one way God is using Life Model Works to transform “Deborahs” all over the world.


We have a vision to equip churches around the world with Connexus and other tools for transformation. But we can’t do it without your partnership.

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