Reflections on TRANSFORM 23

by Jen Pfeiler What a delightful time it was to be together at TRANSFORM 2023! As a member of the Life Model Works administrative staff, I expected to be caught up in the hustle and bustle of making sure things were in order, but I was pleasantly surprised by the inundation of relationally connective people […]

4 Ways to Help Your Husband Grow

Wish there was a way you could help your husband grow? Every day our ministry gets mail from women around the world wondering what they can do in their marriages to make a difference for their families. Today, in this short post, I want to share some ideas we have seen truly help. 1. Accept […]

Marriage Takes Practice

My 13-year-old son recently attended a Harlem Globetrotters basketball game with my father as a Christmas gift. He returned from the game eager to share his amazement of the spectacle he had just witnessed. Story after story of the skill and entertainment flowed from his lips. I asked him how he thought the players had […]

What is the Life Model?

The Life Model is a unifying approach to the ministries of counseling, recovery, pastoral care, prayer ministry, deliverance, inner healing, child rearing, body life and health. The Life Model is a multigenerational model of redemption and maturity from conception to death. While the Life Model incorporates the best in science and medicine, we were careful […]

Responding to What I Have Received

When you have something that’s helped you in your life personally, you can’t help but want to share it with others.  As I consider the role of volunteers with Life Model Works, a Bible verse comes to mind – Matthew 10:8, “Freely you have received, freely give.”  We grow through relationships with others who have […]

Not Another Church Conference?

Hurray! Another conference where I am going to learn to be a great pastor just like all those other great pastors who also went to those conferences and now some of them are leading the conferences… Help! Get me off the conference carousel! Conferenced Out Pastors and other church leaders, does that sound about right? […]

The Top of Dr. Jim Wilder's Year

Annual Gathering is the top of my year. People have always been the center of the Life Model. We write books that people tell us they need. We find out what we need to do next at our Annual Gatherings. Most of what makes an impact on the world is not done by the Life […]

The Joy World Series

Despite being from Los Angeles, I still watched as the San Francisco Giants battled it out with the Kansas City Royals in the World Series. Game 7 had 23.5 million viewers. While we may not fill a stadium at Annual Gathering 2015, I suspect your being there will have a longer lasting impact than who […]

October: Are We Coming to a City Near You?

This October is incredibly exciting! We’re sharing about scripture and brain science in workshops and conferences throughout North America. Joy Starts Here! Conference Edmonton, Alberta // October 3-4 Churches in North America should be thriving. The Christian life should be full of joy. Is yours? If God created us to thrive, why is it we aren’t defined by joy? Do we even know […]

Returning to Austin, Tx for One Night Only!

The word disciple means “learner.” Disciples of Jesus are those who are learning to do the things Jesus said to do. One of the most obvious things he taught is also the one of hardest to do: Forgive people who hurt us. At 7pm on Monday, August 4, Dr. Jim Wilder and Chris Coursey will […]

Register TODAY for Thriving DC

Do you want to be a part of a joyful church community? Here’s your chance to learn from the guys who “wrote the book.” Ed Khouri and David Takle, two of the co-authors of Connexus, are facilitating Thriving DC, a unique training opportunity in Fairfax, Virginia. The event is sponsored by our friends at Healing […]

[Video] How Joy Can Change a Marriage

Want to see more joy in your marriage and other relationships? Check out our life-changing training experiences here. Want more marriages to thrive? Donate to our mission.

Three Eye-Opening Concepts You’ll Learn in Midland

On April 11-12 Joy Starts Here is Coming to Midland, Texas. We’re thrilled that Agape Counseling Services of West Texas, Christian Counselors of Texas: Permian Basin Chapter and New Hope Counseling have invited us to spread joy through West Texas. We’ve captured our decades long study Scripture, neurology and spiritual formation in the book Joy Starts Here! […]