Three Eye-Opening Concepts You’ll Learn in Midland

On April 11-12 Joy Starts Here is Coming to Midland, Texas. We’re thrilled that Agape Counseling Services of West Texas, Christian Counselors of Texas: Permian Basin Chapter and New Hope Counseling have invited us to spread joy through West Texas.

We’ve captured our decades long study Scripture, neurology and spiritual formation in the book Joy Starts Here! During our time together in Midland, we’ll introduce concepts that will completely reorient your understanding of the world and relationships. Here are three:
The key to great relationships is in your brain
There are more theories about how to have great relationships than we can count. Every year, millions of people go through counseling. Sometimes, these efforts have great results.
Now, modern science allows us to witness what happens in people’s heads when they interact. We’ll help you understand what is happening in the brain of someone who has developed the skills needed for great relationships.
There’s a better way to treat addictions
Our culture has seems riddled with addictions to everything drugs and alcohol to food and pornography. Our culture offers solutions ranging from therapy to 12 Steps programs and medical treatments.
Scripture and spiritual formation practices have always taught that our problems are inherently relational. We’ll show you the brain science to back it up and introduce a new approach to handling addiction.
One skill can improve your relationships and give a good night sleep at the same time.
Have you ever known someone that couldn’t take a compliment? Have you ever woken up in the morning, as stressed out and exhausted as you were the night before. We’ll be teaching brain skills that can help you improve your relationships and have a good night sleep at the same time.
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