Pillar of the church…or, is She?

Somewhere down the road from where I am sitting, there is a church that is falling apart.  The glory days of the 1980’s are long gone and the church is struggling to survive.  The pastor has met with several consultants who all discussed vision and strategy, but missed the heart of the problem.  There is […]

The RARE Ingredients We All Need

On a recent a traveling trip I sat next to a young lady who had given up. Even though her life had been deeply impacted years ago by a woman counselor, she now considered herself lost and coasting with no direction, no hope, and no joy. She did not know God but she was desperately […]

Joyful Community: Is this another Utopian Dream?

What in the world is Life Model Works “Annual Gathering?’ It’s an event, an experience, an opportunity, to be in connected community with a group of people who are seeking to create more joy in the earth. Annual Gathering is a place to help individuals and organizations find, develop and maintain a secure identity rooted […]

Three Streams of Joy Come Together at the 2016 Annual Gathering

The 2016 Annual Gathering—RARE Community: Developing a People of Trust, Joy and Engagement—is the headwaters of three streams that I find very exciting. We know that the topics of the Annual Gathering can become active streams of joy, growth and change from our experience last year with Joyful Journey. We introduced the simple yet revolutionary […]

Group Identity: The Most Powerful Thing that Pastors and Leaders Miss

Building a group identity is the most powerful thing a leader can do. If you have been around the Life Model for a while you know what this means but most people do not. Pastors and leaders never reach their life goals because they become focused on lesser targets. The 2016 Annual Gathering 2016, RARE […]