Group Identity: The Most Powerful Thing that Pastors and Leaders Miss

Building a group identity is the most powerful thing a leader can do.

If you have been around the Life Model for a while you know what this means but most people do not. Pastors and leaders never reach their life goals because they become focused on lesser targets.
The 2016 Annual Gathering 2016, RARE Community: Developing a People of Trust, Joy and Engagement, will change all that.

Two Ground Breaking Discussions

RARE community breaks new ground for the Life Model Works in two directions.
The 85-year-old civil rights activist Dr. John Perkins will be speaking on leadership and community develop in urban areas.
Meanwhile, Dr. Marcus Warner will explain leadership in easily understood language based on the best neurotheology.
We will introduce the RARE Leadership book published by Moody Publishing and written by Dr. Warner and me. Pastors and business leaders are going to kick themselves for years if they miss hearing from the team of speakers.
Present together only this once. It is a historical meeting of the past and future.
As the founder of the Christian Community Development Association Dr. Perkins, along with his colleague “Coach” Gordon, understand the relational imperative that goes with leading and with forming a community identity. Dr. Warner, Ed Khouri, Chris Coursey and others will be filling in the training tools we need to be most effective.

So, What is a Group Identity?

This TED Talk by the well-known secular business consultant Simon Sinek takes us to the heart of what we call forming a “group identity.” Sinek does not use the term “group identity” but you will see it. Even without the brain science or the theology of our true identity, Sinek makes a strong case for relational leadership and a group identity.

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