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What excites me about the executive director position? I can sum it up with the word partnering

First, partnering with God’s incredible design of the brain is foundational to our message. For example, Dr. Wilder said, “Jesus knew when he created the brain that one day He would have to operate one of these. So it stands to reason that He would create a brain that helps us fulfill everything He asks.” Seeing the lightbulb come on when Jim Wilder and Michel Hendricks walk people through the brain demonstration is exciting. The problematic parts of Christianity now seem doable. As executive director, it is an honor to work with this team putting systems in place for more “lightbulb” experiences.  

LMW also partners with other creative ministries as they develop relational concepts into tangible practices for people to experience transformation. Our partners are vital to spreading this relational revolution. As executive director, I look forward to dreaming and collaborating with them because millions are waiting for the treasure we hold. 

I am incredibly excited about our partnership with donors, amazing people who believe this model for life does work. You are: 

  • Elders. 
  • Sacrificially taking care of the community. 
  • Giving your hard-earned funds. 

As executive director, I look forward to revisiting the former city event program. We meet face-to-face to share ideas and concerns and explore how we can help you on your relational journey.  

I love our partnership with the Church. Our tools can help close the revolving back door of people “done with the Church.” No longer are there hoops to jump through and lists to keep but loved-based secure attachments to God and one another.  

And lastly, I have a heart for the world, which cries out for us to partner with them by taking our rightful places as sons and daughters. Being the first generation to understand how the brain works, we know better how to do that now. We can represent God better on the earth, seeing what He sees. We can love God more intimately. We can love others as Jesus commanded. We can escape enemy mode and learn to love ourselves in the process.  

Partnering implies being on the same page in the same book. This kind of unity sounds like something from John 17, “that they would be one as we are one.”  

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