Responding to What I Have Received

When you have something that’s helped you in your life personally, you can’t help but want to share it with others.  As I consider the role of volunteers with Life Model Works, a Bible verse comes to mind – Matthew 10:8, “Freely you have received, freely give.”  We grow through relationships with others who have already received what we need, and are willing to freely share it with us. 
One of my greatest longings is for others to find an authentic, life-giving relationship with Immanuel like the one I’ve found.

Life Model Works has given me so much help in growing this relationship, and the most impactful, long-reaching way for me to respond to what I have received is by volunteering with Life Model Works.

The first and greatest benefit I’ve seen in working with LMW is the privilege of connecting with others whose lives have been touched by Immanuel, and hearing their stories.  It’s a delight to watch others light up in joy when they share how LMW’s teaching has affected their lives.
The second benefit of volunteering is that LMW gives me a platform to be a part of a team that reaches around the world.  When Jim Wilder, Chris Coursey, Ed Khouri and other speakers travel the world, it takes a team of folks with various gifts and talents around them to prepare them to stand before us and teach.  Whether I’m setting an appointment or arranging air travel, my gifts and talents are a contribution not just to getting them to their destination but along with them I’m impacting the hearts and lives of the folks they will touch.
For a believer, volunteering is ministering to others. I am giving of my gifts to assist others to discover and live out their gifts.  It’s not that one person’s gifts are greater than another, it’s learning who we are and finding the place where ours gifts fit in the team.
I’ve worked as an administrative assistant for over 30 years.  When I come along side those I’m helping, my gifting frees their time to do what they do best. I receive a lot of benefits in knowing my volunteering has touched a person’s life and allowed them to live from the heart Jesus gave them.
I’m motivated to evangelize by sharing this Immanuel (God with us) relationship with the world.  And, in giving of my time in gifts and talent, I’m helping the teachings of LMW reach the world.  Who wouldn’t want to propagate joy, healing and teach others to have an active, working relationship with Immanuel?  You can’t measure the benefits you will receive; the benefits are payment enough. 
Soon, the LMW team will come to Kansas City to share in their Annual Gathering.  We have a team of people who are giving of their time, talents and gifts.  Stop one of them and ask about their experience of working as a volunteer team member to assist LMW.  I am pretty sure you will find they’ve received more than they have given in ministering and serving throughout this event.
Being an integral part of the body and exercising my talents and gifts is as important as giving financially.  Believers working together as a team to accomplish the tasks needed to run an organization is like an orchestra that must sound beautiful to Immanuel.  When God sees folks working together, developing and synchronizing the talents and gifts He’s given us, it has to be a masterpiece in His eyes.  Ephesians 2:10 says we are His poetry, and I know that not even a Shakespearean sonnet can rival the beauty of the body of Christ working joyfully together to bring His shalom and love to the world.
Who wouldn’t want to propagate joy, healing and teach others to have an active, working relationship with Immanuel?  You can’t measure the benefits you will receive; the benefits are payment enough.

Won’t you join us in the global spread of joy and shalom by volunteering?

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