Returning to Austin, Tx for One Night Only!

The word disciple means “learner.” Disciples of Jesus are those who are learning to do the things Jesus said to do.

One of the most obvious things he taught is also the one of hardest to do:

Forgive people who hurt us.

At 7pm on Monday, August 4, Dr. Jim Wilder and Chris Coursey will return to Austin for a special evening hosted by our friends at Austin Mustard Seed. The event will take place at the Liveoak Bible Church building at 7500 Woodrow Ave.
We will learn ideas and practice practical exercises about:

  • What goes on in the brain when we interact with God and other people.
  • What is happening in our brains that makes forgiveness difficult.
  • How to look at difficult interactions from God’s point-of-view.

In order to prepare for the evening, Dr. Wilder had requested that participants take the JoyQ, a scientific survey that measures your level of joy in relationships. Please complete this before August 2.
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