Welcome to Life Model Works

Special Invite for You!

You are invited to attend the TRANSFORM 2023 Conference.

Come take part in a safe community environment where we will build joy capacity and relational skills in real time! All students have the opportunity to purchase a discounted conference ticket and receive free lunch throughout the event. 

We all experience triggers that impact our lives and relationships. Our goal is not to eradicate all triggers. Instead, we want to empower people to develop new brain patterns to move through a triggered state successfully. 

We call this practice Escaping Enemy Mode!

During this three-day event, we will be hearing from an expert in neurotheology, Dr. Jim Wilder. Our team of speakers will discuss moving through negative emotions in order to return to joy and connection in our relationships.

We know it can be challenging to love like Jesus in today’s world. With the help of our generous donors, the Life Model Works team wants to equip students to be a generation fueled by joy! 

Keynote Speakers 2023