Escaping Enemy Mode Together


September 20-22, 2023  |  In-Person Conference

Escaping Enemy Mode to Love like Jesus

Life Model Works is determined to help build “fearless people who love like Jesus.” Join the Life Model Works family in Denver this September and learn how to escape enemy mode.

  • In your personal life and with your identity group
  • So that you and your group become people who love as Jesus loves
How will we know when a “fearless people who love like Jesus” has emerged on the earth?

The peak expression of Christian discipleship is love and the peak expression of love is loving our enemies. Escaping enemy mode together is central to what God has given Life Model Works to accomplish. Enemy Mode cannot be escaped alone. Join us in Denver to help us discover how to spread the message of escaping enemy mode by living the Life Model.

Everything we do at Life Model Works is pointed at this one goal: every training, webinar, seminar, conference, and book!

The problem we all face is this. When we are in enemy mode, we are acting from the “as if” self, not the “best self.”

Fascinating plenary talks and time to practice the skills that will transform us.

Watch the intro interview with Dr. Wilder and the Moores

Watch Marlene & Margaret Discuss Enemy Mode & Immanuel Prayer

Escaping Enemy Mode & Loving Like Jesus

September 20-22 in Denver, CO.


Wednesday, Sept. 20 9am-5pm -- “Preparing” 

Session 1 Building a Brain That Can Carry More Weight (Hendricks)

Session 2 Immanuel Prayer and Enemy Mode (Alive & Well)

Session 3 Building Capacity to Work on Hard Problems (Dr. Jim Wilder)

Session 4 BREAKOUTS - Strengthening What We Are Already Growing 

Thursday, Sept. 21 9am  - 5pm -- “Admitting”  

Session 5 Building a Brain that Can Escape Enemy Mode (Hendricks)

Session 6 Staying Relational When Racial Issues Arise (Moore)

Session 7 Getting in an Immanuel State (Sullivant)

Session 8 BREAKOUTS - Growing Where We Are Weak

Session 9 Getting Back to an Immanuel State and Your "Best Self” (Dr. Jim Wilder)

Friday, Sept. 22 9am – 12pm -- “Escaping Together” 

Session 10 Escaping Enemy Mode Together Panel Discussion 

Session 11 Once Not a People, Now, a People (Moore)