Marlene Allen

Executive Director, Life Model Works

Marlene Allen, author, teacher, mentor, networker, licensed minister, and joy-starter, graduated from McNeese State University in her home state of Louisiana. Her passion for teaching spiritual principles to young people led to a forty-plus-year journey of serving in schools and churches. During her 16-year service as a missionary in Southeast Asia, Marlene was introduced to Life Model Works and finally found the language to articulate the value of joy that she carried within her.

For the past five years, she has been a relational practitioner and, more recently, served on the Life Model Works Board of Directors. She firmly believes Life Model Works’ relational tools will help us represent the Lord better on the Earth.

Residing in Aurora, Colorado, Marlene is a mom to four amazing adults, Rachell, Victoria, Kia, and Moses, and is called ‘Momma Marlene’ by a host of others.