Vanessa & Ramie Miller

Lay Leaders

Ramie Miller is trained as a Manufacturing Engineer and Continuous Improvement Professional, and gets excited about fostering excellence in teams of people – both in the workplace and in the neighborhood. Raised in rural Western New York State, Ramie married native Texan Vanessa in 2004. Shortly thereafter the couple made their way to San Antonio.

Vanessa Miller has a knack for linking others within the neighborhood and is passionate about building multi-cultural and multi-generational communities. Grateful for the opportunity to stay-at-home, Vanessa uses her time to relationally connect and partner with those on the fringes. Their children David and Katie are currently in the 5th and 3rdgrade.

For the past eleven years, Vanessa and Ramie have slowly deepened their roots in Braun Station, a suburban neighborhood on San Antonio’s northwest side. In collaboration with Oak Hills, they help to lead a small community of believers in their neighborhood. In the last year, the group has been experimenting with the integration of Immanuel Prayer and the 19 relational brain skills into the life of their multigenerational community.