Applying the Life Model in our Healing Ministries

Be inspired as leaders from several ministries describe how the Life Model is bringing transformation to hearts and lives and creating a joy-epicenter in their city through the ministries of their churches and counseling centers. Through teaching classes on relational skills, by fostering multi-generational community, and by removing blockages to maturity through healing, these ladies are seeing more and more people begin to live out of the heart that Jesus gave them.

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Applying the Life Model in our Healing Ministries

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Teacher, Prayer Minister

Rosalind Hervey is a teacher and prayer minister at Christ Healing Center in San Antonio, Texas. She spent 25 years as a teacher in both private and public schools from elementary school through high school. After leaving teaching, she became a small group pastor with a particular interest in combining healing prayer with the healing community environment of small groups. She is a trained Life Coach, and has been coaching churches, ministries and healing centers since 2007. Her favorite aspect of that coaching is helping groups of people discover their corporate, God-given identity through a process that is both systematic and dynamic. She and her husband, Lance Elliott, live in San Antonio and have a son in Austin and a daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters in the Chicago area.

Director of Spanish Ministries for Rapha God Ministries

Laura has been involved different prayer ministries since 2002 and became the Director of Spanish Ministries for Rapha God Ministries in 2012 where she currently serves. Over the past six years she has learned about the principles of Life Model Works and experienced sustainable transformation in her own life. As a result, she has incorporated the concepts into prayer sessions and training within the ministry. Later this year plans are to take these concepts to pastors in Guatemala together with Oak Hills Church. She enjoys witnessing the healing work of Jesus Christ in prayer sessions and teaching people the skills to live out their healing and ongoing transformation into the likeness of Christ. She lives in San Antonio along with her husband and two sons.

Church Planter

Jan has assisted in planting two Vineyard churches in San Antonio. She currently serves on the Senior Pastor’s Council and as Prayer Ministries Coordinator for Mission Vineyard Church of San Antonio. Her passion is to enable people to experience being known by God personally, not just know about Him. She and Michael have been married for 34 years. Their daughter and son-in-love live in Redding, CA.