To be creative is to make meaning. This presentation will explore what it’s like to transformationally embrace God’s creativity in our lives. All transformation happens in the context of relationship, so together we will consider how “it takes your whole brain to be holy.” Amy will share about her own formational experiences as a maker in a thinkers world, and what that has meant in my journey to becoming more like Jesus. Each person will be encouraged to explore God’s creative language in their own life, and to engage the potential that language may have to help them more joyfully connect with God and others.

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Makers in a Thinkers World

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Founder of Burning Heart Workshops

Amy Pierson is the founder of Burning Heart Workshops, and former executive director of the Spiritual Formation Alliance. She is a 2014 graduate of the Renovate Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation/Santa Barbara Cohort. Amy received her Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Colorado, Boulder and now lives in the Denver area with her husband, Bill, and a ridiculous but sincere golden retriever. As an empty-nester mom of daughters, Whitney and Haley, she writes, speaks, gathers and enjoys making things with other creative souls.