Rare Leadership Lessons in Business

People yearn for leadership. Sadly, many can recall an experience where poor leadership lead to a less than desirable outcome, personally and professionally. This experience has also happened in the many churches. What would have made things different?

Jim Martini, Life Model Works’ CEO, looks back on his 30+ years in the business world and shares insights into a variety of leaders he worked with. Especially interesting are the rare leaders who kept relationships bigger than problems, acted like themselves even when overwhelmed, returned to joy, and endured hardship well. These are the characteristics of rare leaders; the kind of leaders we yearn to follow.

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Rare Leadership Lessons in Business

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CEO of Life Model Works

Jim Martini is the CEO of Life Model Works. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife Michele. Jim Martini is passionate about equipping a contagious body of Christ that can change the world.

Jim has known Dr. Jim Wilder for almost 30 years. Prior to his role as CEO, Jim served for 8 years on the Life Model Works Board of Directors.

One of Jim’s first Immanuel moments was a time when he was discerning his vocation as a young man. Despite his heart for evangelism and missions, he heard a clear call from God to marry, have children and support God’s people thorough a business career.

Jim has been married to Michele for over 30 years. They have 2 children. Mario traveled the world to record the Jesus Film in new languages and now does Campus Ministry with CRU at USC.  Luisa is on staff at her church in the Dallas area.

Jim’s business career has spanned the spectrum from owning several businesses to serving for 8 years as the national account manager to a very large healthcare organization, Kaiser Permanente, on behalf of $60 billion company, Siemens.