The Brain Science Behind Rare Leadership

Have you ever noticed that the people who have learned to really live well are the ones who have developed a lot of skills? In fact, recent discoveries in brain science reveal the most important skills thriving people possess are relational brain skills. R.A.R.E. Leaders have the skills to keep relationships bigger than problems; to act like themselves even when overwhelmed; to bounce back from the upsetting emotions of life; to endure hardship well.

Dr. Marcus Warner explains the brain science behind R.A.R.E. Leadership.

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The Brain Science Behind Rare Leadership

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President of Deeper Walk International

Dr. Marcus Warner is the president of Deeper Walk International. He is the author of several books including his most recent work Rare Leadership (with Dr. Jim Wilder), Understanding the Wounded Heart, and What Every Believer Should Know About Spiritual Warfare. A former pastor and Bible Professor (Bethel College). Marcus has done training for Moody Church, Willow Creek Prison Ministry, Navigators and Oak Hills Church. He has also appeared on national radio programs such as Chris Fabry Live and Gary Chapman’s “Building Relationships. His specialty is taking the complex and making it easy to understand, remember and apply.