Transform 2019

Videos from the Transform 2019 conference.

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Attachment Gone Right

Suppose being a Christian is a bit more mysterious than what we’ve made it out to be. Jesus saves – a phrase plastered on billboard signs and bumper stickers across America has become more associate with avoiding punishment and very little with transformation value for our character. Dr. Wilder proposes that salvation in Jesus Christ is more like forming a new attachment to God, and new followers of Christ should begin to look like their new family right away.

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Loving Enemies

In this opening session to Transform 19, Dr. Jim Wilder addressed how the authentic love of Christ can rise and grow within the community of faith to “overcome the world.”

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Spiritual Formation & Life Model Works

What’s missing? After writing a basic theology book to help mature Christ followers and incorporating a Bible reading plan to give people as much Jesus as possible, Michel Hendricks realized, “something is missing.” Unsatisfied with some people experiencing great results, sometimes, and for others no traction at all, he set out on a quest to find the missing ingredient to help people mature into disciples of Jesus.

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4 Habits of Joy-Filled Marriages

If your heart longs for simple, practical and new ways to improve your marriage, cultivate healthier relationships with friends, and build bonds of peace with coworker, then don’t miss Dr. Marcus Warner, president of Deeper Walk International, delivering an honest insightful and memorable talk on what separates happy relationships from miserable ones.

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Strength in My Weakness

Margaret Webb unpacks how the word “in” from John 17:26, “your love for me will be in them and I in them,” helped her move from broken to connected in order to find the best relational attachment to God.

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Immanuel: The Joyful Journey, Lifestyle and Journaling

Amy Howey Pierson delivers an insightful session on how the use of a variety of spiritual growth exercises within a community are best for developing a natural love/joy attachment to God.

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Pastor, Missionary

Michel Hendricks is a pastor, missionary, engineer, inventor and author. He has been teaching and training for over 25 years. He was a pastor of spiritual formation at Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette, Colorado. In addition, he served and trained people in Argentina, Mexico, Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda. He is married to Claudia and they have three adult children.

Founder, Alive and Well, Inc.

Margaret Webb devoted herself to a ministry of emotional healing and maturation in the context of prayer. Margaret has studied with and learned from Dr. Jim Wilder, Dr. Karl Lehman, Chris and Jen Coursey, and Ed Khouri for the past 10 years, and it has changed her personal life as well as her ministry career. Using what she learned from these leaders, as well as her experience as a Christian Counselor, she created the Alive and Well, Inc. curriculum for leading people into the Immanuel Lifestyle and preparing prayer ministers to use the Immanuel Approach. Teaching, training, mentoring and consulting, she is committed to the vision of a network of lay and professional people-helpers bringing the care of souls into the local church. Her website is


President of Deeper Walk International

Dr. Marcus Warner is the president of Deeper Walk International. He is the author of several books including his most recent work Rare Leadership (with Dr. Jim Wilder), Understanding the Wounded Heart, and What Every Believer Should Know About Spiritual Warfare. A former pastor and Bible Professor (Bethel College). Marcus has done training for Moody Church, Willow Creek Prison Ministry, Navigators and Oak Hills Church. He has also appeared on national radio programs such as Chris Fabry Live and Gary Chapman’s “Building Relationships. His specialty is taking the complex and making it easy to understand, remember and apply.


Founder of Burning Heart Workshops

Amy Pierson is the founder of Burning Heart Workshops, and former executive director of the Spiritual Formation Alliance. She is a 2014 graduate of the Renovate Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation/Santa Barbara Cohort. Amy received her Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Colorado, Boulder and now lives in the Denver area with her husband, Bill, and a ridiculous but sincere golden retriever. As an empty-nester mom of daughters, Whitney and Haley, she writes, speaks, gathers and enjoys making things with other creative souls.

Founder Life Model Works

Dr. Jim Wilder has been training leaders and counselors for over 30 years on five continents. Jim grew up in South America and is bilingual (English/Spanish). He is the author of nineteen books with a strong focus on maturity and relational skills. His coauthored book, Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You, has sold over 100,000 copies and is printed in eleven languages. Wilder has published numerous articles and developed four sets of video and relational leadership training. Dr. Wilder has served as a guest lecturer at Fuller Seminary, Biola, Talbot Seminary, Point Loma University, Montreat College, Tyndale Seminary and elsewhere.