What to Do When You are Upset and Alone

All of us have experienced events that caused us pain. All of us will continue to experience difficulties. The good news is that we don’t have to stay in that place that allows the traumatic event to continually affect us.  Jesus has provided a way out—He Himself and His presence are the way out and […]

Why Addictions Actually Make Sense

Addictions are not a fun topic for anyone to discuss. Just the noun itself brings up all kinds of word pictures in our minds- each one different depending upon your individual experience. For some of us, we are still struggling and battling within the chains of addictions right now. We are always making sure that […]

Who am I? (Hint: The Answer Should Be Joyful!)

Who am I? It’s not just a question that I need to fill out on an “About Me” page, nor is it an easily answered question. Each one of us is constantly on a journey of discovering who we are. Often, we use what others say (both vocally and through their reactions and behavior) about […]

Two Resources to Keep Christmas from Stealing Your Joy

Let’s be honest: Not everyone is looking forward to Christmas. We’ve got two great audio resources to help you get through the holidays. Attachment Pain and the Holidays: Shalom for the Season It’s hard to face the Christmas and holiday season when relationships hurt. This time of year just seems to amplify the kinds of relational […]

Recovery Coach Program

Joy is the key component to recovery from addiction. Now, there is a professional certification for those who want to use the neuroscience of joy in recovery coaching. The IAPRC (International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches) program components includes: Neuroscience of Recovery (written by Ed Khouri the co-creator of Connexus) Leading-edge Research on Averting Relapse Powerful Approaches […]