Recovery Coach Program

Joy is the key component to recovery from addiction. Now, there is a professional certification for those who want to use the neuroscience of joy in recovery coaching.

The IAPRC (International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches) program components includes:

  • Neuroscience of Recovery (written by Ed Khouri the co-creator of Connexus)
  • Leading-edge Research on Averting Relapse
  • Powerful Approaches for the Coaching Connection
  • Certified Professional Coach Training
  • Proven Coaching System with 5,000+ graduates worldwide
  • Launching and Growing a Successful Private Practice
  • Foundations of Recovery Coaching
  • Strength-based and Solution Focused Tools
  • Motivational Interviewing and the Change Process
  • My Recovery Matters TM
  • Fostering Your Beautiful Brain
  • Family Issues and Solutions for Codependency

Learn more here

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