NPR on Children, Loneliness and "Stupid Phones."

Life Model Works is committed to reviving 19 relational brain skills. The need for these skills are greater than ever, especially with the increasing amount of communication that takes place online.

A recent story from NPR News discussed the effect that use smart phone us has on children. According to a report covered in the story, researchers have observed:

“that kids with parents who were most absorbed in their devices were more likely to act out, in an effort to get their parents’ attention. She recalls one group of three boys and their father: The father was on his cellphone, and the boys were singing a song repetitively and acting silly. When the boys got too loud, the father looked up from his phone and shouted at them to stop. But that only made the boys sing louder and act sillier.”

The article goes on to record the observations of children about the phones:

One 4-year-old called his dad’s smartphone a “stupid phone.” Others recalled joyfully throwing their parent’s phone into the toilet, putting it in the oven or hiding it. There was one girl who said, “I feel like I’m just boring. I’m boring my dad because he will take any text, any call, anytime — even on the ski lift!”

You can read or listen to the entire story on NPR. Check out Joy Starts Here and begin to learn the 19 Relational Skils that will help you communicate better than any smart phone.

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