Two Resources to Keep Christmas from Stealing Your Joy

Let’s be honest: Not everyone is looking forward to Christmas. We’ve got two great audio resources to help you get through the holidays.

Attachment Pain and the Holidays: Shalom for the Season

It’s hard to face the Christmas and holiday season when relationships hurt. This time of year just seems to amplify the kinds of relational and emotional pain we carry during the year.
In this JoyStream, you will learn four means of avoiding the attachment pain holiday trap. This can be your best holiday season ever!


Dr. Jim Wilder’s Interview with Frank Sontag

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“We don’t need to be happy all the time, we need to be relational all the time.”
With Christmas around the corner, you will want to take a moment to listen back to Dr. Jim Wilder’s interview with on the Frank Sontag show recorded last December.
Wilder discusses how the holidays can be difficult for everyone. Holidays can even force people to revisit past trauma.
You will learn how to create a joy at Christmas, even if you (or your family) don’t want to be there!


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