Discover How to Spread Joy in 2015

At Life Model Works, we have a dream:
Joyful Christians. Joyful Churches. Transformed World.

Dreams are nice, but they don’t accomplish much.
That’s why we also have a plan. When we say “we,” that includes you, too!
We are prayerfully gearing up to make 2015 our biggest year yet. We have audacious plans to spread more joy than ever.

Equipping International Missionaries

Last year we provided eight weeks of training for international missionaries. With your help, we plan to equip even more missionaries in 2015.

In January, Jim Wilder will head to Korea for three weeks. He will be training leaders from one of the world’s largest churches and missionaries from YWAM. From there, he will go on to Chang Mai, Thailand for a Joy Starts Here event and a Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat. Finally, Jim will head to a country in Central Asia to lay the ground work for a substance abuse treatment center based on the Life Model. There are additional trips in the works as we speak.

Consider this: Last year, we were able to provide training for 150 missionaries. If we estimate that each missionary impacts 20 people, then we’ve reached 3,000 people. If they impact 100 people each, we’ve reached 15,000!

We need your financial help to double the number of trainings we provide to missionaries. With your help, we could reach 30,000 internationally in 2015.

Revolutionizing Cities

We have a plan to revolutionize ten cities by helping local churches become joy-filled communities. Last year we did this by bringing our Joy Starts Here event to five cities.

Our goal is to bring Joy Starts Here to ten cities in 2015. Each event costs about $6500.

Let’s assume attendance at each event is 150 people. With your help, we will send 1,500 people into cities in North America to start joy in 2015.

Transforming Marriages

When joy transforms a marriage, couples connect, spouses feel seen and valued. Last year, we saw marriages transformed by our two Thrive conferences, as well as Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreats in five cities.

The average cost for a Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat is $4500. Our plan is to bring the retreat to ten cities this coming year. With your help, we can transform marriages in cities across North America in 2015.

Our plan is big and broad, but it’s not crazy. There are three reasons we will accomplish this goal.
First, God is with us, so anything is possible!
Second, we reached more people than ever in 2014 with our biggest events and a stronger online presence. Building on what we learned, the sky is the limit for 2015!

Finally, there is one more element that makes us confident that we can accomplish this audacious plan:


Will you help spread joy by partnering with us financially?


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