I Missed My Son's Stop Sign

I Missed My Sons Stop Sign

Recognizing overwhelm signals (Skill 9) and staying connected during intense emotions without going over the top, known as interactive quieting (Skill 15), are two key skills we need to sustain healthy relationships. In an ideal world, we develop these skills early in life as parents, family members, teachers, coaches, etc. use these crucial skills to […]

F.A.Q. about Thrive: First Steps

We now have a new THRIVE Training track called THRIVE: First Steps. Let me tell you why I am thrilled about this addition: you do not need a bonded partner and there is no preparation! Yes, I said it. No partner, no preparation. All we need is you. For nearly 20 years I have served […]

The RARE Ingredients We All Need

On a recent a traveling trip I sat next to a young lady who had given up. Even though her life had been deeply impacted years ago by a woman counselor, she now considered herself lost and coasting with no direction, no hope, and no joy. She did not know God but she was desperately […]

Don't Worry: What You Need is a Learned Behavior

Healthy minds are full of appreciation. Appreciation creates belonging and changes stress to contentment. What are you thankful for today? What makes you smile? Pause for a moment, and reflect on something you appreciate. What do you notice? Appreciation is Joy A gift we share with others. Created from unexpected acts of kindness. Born out […]

Sendoffs and Snowdrifts Swirling In South Korea

Here’s another update on Chris Coursey’s trip to Korea. Few things are as satisfying and rewarding as watching people encounter the living God for the first time. I enjoyed training students and staff members with the skills to thrive at the YWAM base in Jeju. My time ended smoothly and for my next adventure I […]

Update from South Korea: Chris Coursey in Jeju

I just finished my first day of teaching with counseling students in the YWAM school here in Jeju, South Korea and I must say, the results are great! The class was engaged and enthused over what they were learning. Since my previous visit in Jeju, I was here last June, I can see a big […]

Insecure? Learn How to Sync Up With Others!

We all need to feel safe and secure. That’s why we teach people a skill we call “Synchronize Attachments” at Thrive. When you synchronize attachments, you can share a mutual state of mind with others that will bring you closer, as well as help you move independently. Imagine feeling free to be yourself because the world is […]

Relaxing Might Be More Important Than You Realize!

Can you identify a time in your life when you were wrought with worry and dread?  Your shallow breathing and tense body gripped you.  Something was, missing: the skill of effectively quiet our thoughts or body. When we teach this skill at Thrive we call it Skill Two, the skill of “Quieting” or “Shalom.” The ability […]

What Finnish Kindergarteners Know About Joy

As the father of 5 and 3-year old boys and a co-developer for Thrive Training, I wondered what would change in the world if every child went to school and discovered joy. “What if teachers used joy and play to educate our sons?” I then asked my wife. Jim Wilder sent me a recent article […]

What does it mean to "Share Joy"

At the core of Thrive, a week-long, immersive training experience are 19 essential relational skills. The first one you’ll learn about is called “Share Joy.” How do we know when we’re sharing joy? When Facial expressions and voice tones amplify, “We’re glad to be together!” Signs of Joy Facial expressions. Change in body language. Positive verbal […]